I have been trying to be a runner for many years, but my longest distance is about 6.5 miles on the treadmill. Outdoors it was my recent 10K. When running long distances, or running frequent short distances, something always starts to hurt the next day, and this has gone on for years!

My shin, foot, knee, hip. Geez! My legs are just a mess. Yesterday, I may have finally gotten the answer! But first…

I started wearing orthotics years ago to correct over-pronation in my feet. I bought Asics shoes that are deeper to fit an orthotic and help with the pronation. I refurbished the orthotics after regular wear and tear. Still through all this, annoying pain. I even stopped running for over a year because I was tired of dealing with the annoyances and didn’t want to hurt myself more.

But I want to run, I like it, I want to have a goal. I want to be faster, stronger, have more endurance.

I am signed up for a second 10K next Sunday, and have been training very moderately since I know I can complete the distance, just need to keep up the endurance. 4-5 miles for long runs with a short run during the week (3 miles usually). And crosstraining. That should be perfect and painless! So then why are my shin and hip still flaring up enough for me to take notice?!

I don’t know, but I am tired of it. So back to the podiatrist and Google I go. First from Google, I self-diagnosed myself with hip bursitis, occasional Runner’s  Knee, and shin splints. All are bad and can lead to stress fractures if not treated. And what’s the usual treatment? Rest and not running. But I want to run! I don’t want to stay on the elliptical! It’s not the same!

The podiatrist had a new answer that I had not heard of. Limb Length Discrepancy!  Huh? I have one leg longer than the other? I have not noticed this before. Well it makes sense. My right leg is just centimeters longer than the left, so I overpronate even more when I run to make them even. And the bouncing on outdoor uneven surfaces makes it worse. And the foot pronation puts stress on my shin, that goes all the way to the outside of my hip because it’s lopsided from the left one.

If this diagnosis is correct, then a simple heel lift in the left shoe orthotic will even me out. No funky lopsided shoes needed.

I’m sure I will be updating here with what is happening and if the lift fixes the pain. But in the meantime, go measure your legs if you feel pain too!