This page is about how I exercise, why I exercise, and mainly why I run (errr jog) even though I’m slow, it hurts, and my distances aren’t that long yet!

I took up running because for me, it is the best cardio, it is portable, and there is no equipment needed. I can jog when I travel, I can jog outside my front door. It has built in goals and results. Do I want to run 3 miles today? Was I faster than the last time? I also judge myself not only on time, but on how I feel while I run. What did my legs feel like? When did I want to stop? Was I breathing ok? How much water did I drink? My distances are not long, but I am still proud of every mile (and sometimes half mile!) I complete.

Recently I challenged myself to increase the miles. I signed up for my first 10K in February and completed it! Now I’m doing my second 10K in Dallas on May 16.

I also realized at the same time that I decided to run longer that I needed to strengthen my body, specifically my legs. If I want to go faster, stronger, farther, then I need some strong legs. So I started Crossfit! Crossfit is HARD. It’s hot, fast, heavy, uncomfortable, and leaves you sore for days. I highly recommend it! I have new muscles, I can lift more, and it has made me more competitive and goal-oriented.

Besides running and Crossfit, which you will hear about mostly on my blog, I crosstrain with ellipticals, stretching (hey foam roller!), stairmaster, jumping rope, and walking. Before starting Crossfit, I did a lot of yoga. This will probably be its own post of why I stopped yoga, but I loved the flexibility I got, but just came to a standstill with strength. I still  use yoga poses for stretching, but have not done a regular class in a long time. But if I do yoga, I do Baptiste Style Vinyasa Flow Yoga. His books are great too!

As far as injuries, I have had shin splints creep up, so I limit my runs to twice per week. When my legs hurt, I back off. I use Kinesio Tape on my shins for runs when I feel that I’ll need it. I wear custom orthotics in my tennis shoes. My hips frequently hurt after runs, and I have self-diagnosed my left knee with Runner’s Knee. Running hurts!

That is my exercise story. Stay tuned because it changes often!

Picture: Finishing the Houston Rodeo Run 10K, February 27, 1 hr. 12 min



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